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April 23, 2010

“The Heart” in the New Testament (part II)

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Categorisation of Kardia

Using the categorization created for lev/levav in the O.T. the 161 instances of the use of kardia in the New Testament were able to be accommodated in a similar system.  Given however the difficulty of allotting every instance to a single category, there were some duplications and one triplication.  The total of items then categorized was 169.  This increase of about 4% was not thought to create any significant difficulties when determining % frequencies for the main categories applicable to human beings in non-physical and non- metaphorical terms.

In the Hebrew text lev/levav had physical, metaphorical and anthropomorphic references, though relatively there were not many of these types.  The same is true of kardia in the New Testament.  In the latter there appear to be 3 references that could be considered to be to some extent, physical in nature – the heart, rather than the mouth into which material comes, the heart into which matter does not come from without (in a similar context to the previous) and the heart which is established with grace rather than meats. The first and last of these are also categorized elsewhere. There is 1 reference of a metaphorical nature – the son of man being in the heart of the earth and 1 reference of an anthropomorphic nature – a quote from the O.T. where reference is made to David being a man according to God’s heart.


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