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April 25, 2010

“The Heart” in the New Testament (part III)

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Categorisation of Kardia (cont.)

The larger proportion of usages of kardia relates however to human beings in non-physical and non-metaphorical terms.  There were 158 distinct such instances although duplications and 1 triplication increased the number being analysed to 164.  Table 1 indicates the categorization structure used, the number of occurrences and the % frequencies evident. 

Category Sub-category Number of occurrences Percentages[1]
The emotional H    11   7
  joyful   3  
  sorrowful   6  
  angry   1  
  burning   1  
The internally active H   41 25
  desiring   4  
  speaking internally   4  
  deciding   6  
  acting as a conscience   5  
  reasoning   4  
  thoughts/thinking 12  
  believing   4  
  having a perspective   1  
  taking time   1  
Knowing the H     7   4
  the H that is searched or tried   3  
  God knows the H   3  
  the secrets of the H   3  
The H able to contain or receive     5   3
  what the H contains   2  
  kept in the H   2  
  to take to H   1  
The unrighteous H   23 14
  the hardened H 10  
  evil, a wicked H   9  
  particular sins   5[2]  
  needing correction   1  
The righteous H   20 12
  the pure/blameless/good H   9  
  the caring H   5  
  particular righteousness   2  
  a H cleansed or needing so   4  
The H set towards God     4   2
The wise/understanding/ knowing H   10   6
  the H not understanding   6  
  the unwise H   1  
  the H that understands   3  
The turning H     3   2
The H that can be influenced   25 15
  the H that can be touched   6  
  God’s gifts to the H   6  
  matters written on the H   4  
  the H encouraged   4  
  the H that can be deceived   2  
  the H being benefited   2  
  the responsive H   1  
The H of noble character     6   4
  the settled steadfast H   3  
  a simplicity/singleness of H   3  
The H that issues in speech     5   3
The H that is the inner being     4   2

                                                                                                Table 1

[1] The percentages are based on the number 164

[2] 2 instances here were duplicated in the minor category “evil, a wicked heart” but were not duplicated in the total.


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