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April 30, 2010

“The Heart” in the New Testament (part V)

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A comparison of the Lexical Semantic Fields of lev/levav and kardia

Table 2 is the Table taken from the “The Heart” in the Old Testament series, equivalent to Table 1 above and is inserted for convenience.

Category Sub-category Number of occurrences Percentages[1]
The emotional H                            143 18
  fearful 44  
  happy 53  
  sorrowful 39  
  hateful   4  
  angry   3  
The internally active H                            178 22
  desiring 28  
  planning 28  
  speaking internally 39  
  deciding 30  
  remembering/forgetting 17  
  reflecting 19  
  concentrating 13  
  acting as conscience   4  
Knowing the H                              30  4
  the H can be searched/tried 15  
  opening or not opening the H   7  
  God knows what is in the H   7  
  the H knowing within itself   1  
The H able to contain or receive                               18                             2
  matters being in or on the H   9  
  to take to H   6  
  not to take to H   3  
The unrighteous H                            132                            16
  hardened/stubborn/stony 44  
  proud/lifted up 27  
  evil 12  
  perverse   5  
  sinful/wicked 18  
  deceitful/false/divided/double   9  
  destroys/is destroyed   3  
  needing correction   8  
  other   6  
The H not set towards God                               10                                  1
The righteous H                               36                                      4
  upright 12  
  humble/humbled   5  
  clean/cleansed   4  
  H of integrity   4  
  other 11  
The H set towards God                               61                          8
  seeking/loving with all the H 24  
  seeking God with a perfect H 12  
  set to seek God/towards God 11  
  single-minded in seeking God   6  
  other   8  
The wise/understanding/ knowing H                              83                                     10
  the wise H 32  
  the H that is not wise 20  
  the H that understands   7  
  the H that doesn’t understand   8  
  the H that knows   6  
  the H that searches for wisdom    6  
  other   4  
The turning H                              33                                      4
  the H that turns away from God    7  
  the H that God turns   6  
  the H that turns to God 11  
  the H that does not turn to God    4  
  other   5  
The H that can be influenced                               31  4
  the H that can be touched/spoken to  11  
  the H that can be persuaded   5  
  the responsive/tender/fleshy H    5  
  the H that can be deceived   5  
  the H that can be tempted   3  
  The H written upon   2  
The H of noble character                               19                                      2
  courageous   8  
  free from anxiety   4  
  a settled H   5  
  a H that trusts   2  
The unsettled H                                 6                                           1
The H that issues in speech                                 8                                         1
The H that is the mind or the inner being                               14                                            2
  the H of a man   3  
  another or new H   3  
  other   8  
The person                                3                            –
  A H that may fail or live   3  

                                                                                                        Table 2

[1] The percentages are calculated on a total of 805 usages although there are only 791 distinct references involved.  This is because in a few instances a reference falls into two or more categories.


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