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June 6, 2010

Christ Centred Communion – Further Thoughts (part X)

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Understanding “Poieite” as “You are Doing” and an apparent Textual Oddity

Understanding Jesus’ words of remembrance this way, delivers us from a significant problem that generally is dismissed too readily.  If Jesus were commanding that a ceremony had to be performed in the future by his people in memory of his death, why was such an important command not referred to in each of the other Gospels?  A traditional answer has been, “That it is mentioned in only one Gospel is sufficient.”  In response one could reply, “The death of Jesus is mentioned in all four Gospels, why not the ceremony that has to be conducted in memory of his death?”  If however Jesus is not issuing a command but giving some understanding of his death in the light of and as a fulfilment of the Exodus event, Luke, in mentioning these words of Jesus is simply giving a particular perspective on his death as do each of the Gospels.  Matthew, Mark and Luke each refer to the Last Passover meal, but Luke has a point to make about the death of Jesus that is not made in Matthew and Mark.  Matthew and Mark refer to the anointing of Jesus “in preparation for his burial” but Luke does not.  Only Matthew records Pilate’s wife referring to Jesus as “that righteous man”.  John does not mention the last Passover meal but alone records the significance that not a bone of his was broken.  Even though there are many perspectives on the death of Jesus that are common to all Gospels, one might rightly expect some differences. However, that only one refers to a ceremonial commandment to be observed by all disciples throughout time strikes me as rather odd.


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