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August 29, 2010

The Essence of Spirit (part VI)

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The Ruach of Mankind

Table 7 indicates the minor and sub-categories for the Ruach of Mankind.  There were 156 instances with an additional 24 category items due to multiple classifications.

Minor Category Sub-category Total Sub -category Total Minor Category % based on 180 % based on 156
The Breath of Mankind     22 12 14
  In association with Life 16      
  Breath 6      
Mankind as Being     23 13 15
  An independent spirit 6      
  In association with life 7      
  In association with vitality 8      
  As the being or inner self 4      
Mental mankind     19 11 12
  Perspective, attitude or inclination 4      
  Thoughts, thinking or way of thinking 12      
  Wisdom, understanding or knowledge 4      
Mankind and their abilities     22 12 14
  Power 2      
  Strength of purpose 20      
Moral mankind     41 23 26
  Upright 10      
  Humble 8      
  Haughtiness or self confidence 4      
  Hardness 2      
  Being evil or unfaithful, or erring 13      
  Being false 4      
Emotional mankind     53 29 34
  Temperament 3      
  Annoyance or disturbance 4      
  Jealousy 3      
  Depressed, distressed or fearful 24      
  Animosity 3      
  Anger 7      
  Frustration or vexation 10      

Table 7 – The Categorisation of the Ruach of Mankind

Category multiplications for the minor categories occurred in thirteen different combinations, the most common incorporating categories Being evil or unfaithful, or erring and Depressed, distressed or fearful – six instances being involved.  All other combinations involved four or fewer instances.  A total of four category multiplications occurred within the sub-categories of the minor categories, Mankind as Being, Mental Mankind, and Emotional Mankind.


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