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September 10, 2010

The Essence of Spirit (XII)

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The Pneuma of Mankind

Table 13 indicates minor, sub- and mini-categories for the major category, the Pneuma of Mankind.  [Mini-categories appear within square brackets, with totals immediately following.]  There were 72 instances to which were added another 17 category items due to multiple classifications.

Minor Category Sub-category Total Sub- category Total Minor Category % based on 89 % based on 72
The breath of Mankind     4 4 6
  In association with life 1      
  Breath 3      
Mankind as Being     39 44 54
  An independent entity 17      
  [metaphorical – 3]        
  [actual – 14]        
  In association with life 8      
  In association with vitality 2      
  As the being or inner self 18      
  In a trance 4      
Mental Mankind     23 26 32
  Perspective, attitude or inclination 11      
  Thoughts, thinking or way of thinking 2      
  Wisdom, understanding or knowledge 2      
  Speaking mankind 9      
Mankind and his Abilities     5 6 7
  Power 2      
  Strength of purpose 3      
Moral Mankind     13 15 18
Emotional Mankind     5 6 7

Table 13 – The Pneuma of Mankind

Multiple classifications that occurred for the minor categories were in 11 different combinations none involving more than 3 instances.  Ten instances of multiple classification occurred among the sub-category Mankind as Being, six different combinations being involved.  There was one instance of multiple categorisation within the sub-category Mental Mankind.


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