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February 20, 2011

Science and Genesis 2: 4 – 3: 24 (part I)

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                                                                                                                                  Science and Genesis 2: 4 – 3: 24


An account of the first man and the first woman and their relationship with God constitutes the bulk of the second and third chapters of the book of Genesis. What are we to make of this account? What can be learnt from it? What does it look like from a modern scientific perspective?

The first man was made from the soil.  The first woman was made from the first man.  Animals and birds were also made from the soil.  There was an extraordinary garden with two extraordinary trees. There was a “snake” who could talk.  God had an extended conversation with both the man and the woman.  Once having left the garden, entrance back into the garden was blocked by a “flaming sword”.  What is going on here?

Whatever we think could or did happen in our world, we need to try and determine what the text is saying without forcing its meaning to conform to some modern understanding of our world.  The text should be able to stand in its own right whatever our views about the origins of mankind.  If we perceive areas of conflict we will then have to face that issue.


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