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March 14, 2011

Science and Genesis 2: 4 – 3: 24 (part XI)

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Genesis 2: 5-7 – Setting the Scene (cont)

Modern science and Genesis 2: 5-7

Is there not a conflict between what a modern scientific understanding might be of the origins of mankind and of rain and when these first appeared and the account given in these few verses? The answer is surely, “Yes”.  Is that a problem?  I propose that the answer is surely, “No”.  If the writer has “made up” this account, albeit with a true account of the theological issues involved, one would not expect it necessarily to conform to some modern understandings. It is an ancient work set in ancient times and quite possibly created in part to deal with false pagan beliefs that formed the backdrop to living in that ancient world.  It would do this anyway, particularly as the rest of the account unfolds, simply because its concern is to teach the truth about God and us, where humanity has always in its own deliberations got it wrong.  Does it really matter in God’s great scheme of things how, from a scientific point of view, mankind came to be or how and when rain began to fall?  Surely not.  What really matters is having a correct understanding of the truth about God and man, man whom God has placed in this world.


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