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May 7, 2011

Sceince and Genesis 3: 1 – 24 (part VI)

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The structure of 2: 4b – 3: 24 – an aside

In Walton’s synchronic approach to the text, 2: 4b to 3: 24 can be divided into seven scenes and they relate as follows:

Scene 1 (2: 4b – 17)                                                                          Scene 7 (3: 22-24)

[omitting vv, 20, 21]

narrative                                                                                               narrative

Yahweh and the man                                                                         Yahweh and the man

into the garden                                                                                    from the garden

          Scene 2 (2: 18-25)                                                       Scene 6 (3: 14-19)

          narrative                                                                         monologue

          Yahweh, man, woman, snake                                     Yahweh, man, woman, snake

          relationships                                                                   relationships

                    Scene 3 (3: 1-5)                                Scene 5 (3: 9-13)

                    dialogue                                              dialogue

                    snake, woman                                    Yahweh, man, woman

                    three statements                                three questions-answers

                                                Scene 4 (3: 6-8)


                                                woman and her husband

Whatever one thinks of this analysis, what happens in the middle of the garden, as related in 3: 6 – 8, deserves some focus.  It is where the terrible action occurs. It is where God receives no mention whatsoever. And it is in the middle of the garden.  The man began outside of the garden, gave names to the creatures in the garden, partook of the fruit in the middle of the garden, attempted to hide from God in the middle of the trees of the garden and was cast out of the garden.  There does appear to be some sort of “V” arrangement, even if it is accidental.


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