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June 2, 2012

The Gospel and its Proclamation (part III)

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The gospel is about Jesus

At least 10 times the New Testament refers directly to the gospel of (the) Christ or the gospel of Jesus Christ or the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Paul writes that he wants to fully proclaim (pleroo) the gospel of (the) Christ (Rom 15: 19), that he wants to put no obstacle in the way of the gospel of Christ (1 Cor 9: 12), that when he came to Troas with respect to (eis) the gospel of Christ a door was opened for him (2 Cor 2: 12), that the Corinthians need to be obedient in acknowledging the gospel of Christ; (2 Cor 9: 13), that he and his group had come to them with the gospel of Christ (2 Cor 10: 14), that there were some in Galatia who wanted to pervert the gospel of Christ (Gal 1: 7), that the life and manner of the Philippians should be worthy of the gospel of Christ (Phil 1: 27) and that Timothy was God’s servant in the gospel of Christ (1 Thess 3: 2). And Mark writes of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark 1: 1).  And Paul speaks of those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus (2 Thess 1: 8).

Reference is also made to the gospel of God’s Son (Rom 1: 9) and the gospel of the glory of (the) Christ (2 Cor 4: 4). Indeed it is difficult to know when to stop, as passage after passage, such as the 1 Cor 15 text, and 2 Tim 2: 8, which speaks of Jesus Christ his resurrection and his descent from David according to Paul’s gospel, clearly indicate that the gospel is about Jesus, whatever designation he is actually given.

We are not the focus of the gospel, neither the circumstances when we first believed nor the way God’s grace has been shown to us throughout our journey.  He, the Lord Jesus Christ is what the gospel is all about.  To him be the glory, majesty and praise forever and ever.

I was once asked to speak to a men’s group as part of an evangelistic outreach.  Just before I spoke I was asked what I was going to speak on.  I replied that I would be referring to some of the extraordinary things Jesus said and some of his mighty works, with a conclusion focussing on his death and resurrection. At once I was advised that the men really needed to hear what God was doing in my life and that I needed to focus on that.  Gently I indicated that that would not be the case.  I was there to speak about Jesus.  I am really glad I stuck to my original intention.  The attention given by the men to what Jesus said and did was unwavering.  Even if the gospel had received a hostile reception it was imperative that I speak about Jesus.


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