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June 13, 2012

The Gospel and its Proclamation (part VIII)

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In summary

The gospel has a primary focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus but has a breadth and depth to it not to be captured by some simple definition. Nor is it to be understood simply by referring to the word “euaggelion” alone. However the word occurs 75 times in the New Testament in a large variety of contexts and reference only to that word makes it clear that the gospel is about Jesus, comes from God and is about him, has been proclaimed and announced, is true and glorious, relates to the great judgement day, when lived by results in both suffering and blessing, and was the substance of Paul’s preaching.  There is one instance where “euaggelion” may be a reference to a particular gospel (Rev 14: 6) rather than the gospel that so dominates the passages of the New Testament (see below).

The New Testament books in which the word occurs and its frequency in those books are as follows:

Matthew (4), Mark (7), Acts (2), Romans (9), 1 Corinthians (8), 2 Corinthians (8), Galatians (7), Ephesians (4), Philippians (9), Colossians (2), 1 Thessalonians (6), 2 Thessalonians (2), 1 Timothy (1), 2 Timothy (3), Philemon (1), 1 Peter (1), Revelation (1).  The books with the greatest relative frequency are: Galatians and Philippians.  In the case of Galatians this is probably to be explained by recognising its overriding concern that the believers in Galatia not be wooed away from the gospel. In Philippians the bulk of the instances relate to the fellowship that Paul had with the believers in Philippi in the promotion of the gospel.


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