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October 29, 2012

The Parables of Jesus (part XIII) – The Parable of the Sower (part VIII)

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In Conclusion

Though we could hypothesise that on the basis of the parable alone, the proportion of those who fit with any one domain in reality is along roughly equal lines, this would be to go way beyond what Jesus is teaching.  We know from the teaching of Jesus elsewhere, from history and from our own present circumstances that few there are that find the narrow way.  There is a type of unreality that one might force from the parable but Jesus simply paints the picture of four realities not the numbers of those who fall within the various categories.

The three Gospel writers may have moulded their account of the explanations to fit their own purposes to some extent, for example Luke choosing his reference to Satan to be “the evil one” for his Gentile readers, but overall the accounts given differ in very little.  The dominant reference to “the word” may have suggested to all readers that for them it is the gospel message that is the focus of the parable.  How will they respond to it?  How have they responded to it?  How might they respond to it if conditions change? For the believer, reading these explanations, one would be warned about falling away in times of persecution or proving to be unfruitful because of a desire for other things.  But the accounts could also remind the believer of the realities of life – that Jesus knew that some would simply never understand, that others, though appearing to be very enthusiastic for the gospel initially could not “take the heat”, while others simply fell in love with the world one way or another.  For those who were unbelievers, the material presented in the Gospel accounts could make them very aware of the situation that they were already in or in which they could find themselves.  Perhaps they would in the end see that the abundant crop was what any sensible person would hunger for no matter what difficulties lay ahead.  How much the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is to be listened to, understood, desired and thoroughly embraced.

What an extraordinary parable and how blessed we are for Jesus to have given us its interpretation.


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