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November 30, 2012

The Parable of the Mustard Seed (part XV)

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In Conclusion

John the “immerser” came announcing that the kingdom of heaven was at hand.  Jesus came and proclaimed the same.  God had already been working throughout history fulfilling his purposes through those before Abraham and then through such as Abraham, the Fathers of Israel, Moses, David, the prophets, Israel herself.  But now the time had come for the kingdom of God to burst in upon history with the coming of the king.  It would have small beginnings – the Messiah and his followers.  But the kingdom would soon take on enormous proportions even only 50 days after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This parable must have been or should have been of enormous encouragement to the believers in the early days when persecution began to rear its ugly head and when it might have been thought that the kingdom was in danger of collapsing. Paul knew of the greatness of the kingdom as the gospel was preached around the world and many became believers, no matter how great the difficulties to be endured by him and others.

Through the centuries that followed, in spite of the distortions that were introduced into the gospel, the kingdom continued to flourish, through thick and thin.  In the devastating times and places of today, the kingdom continues to expand.  There are believers in what once may have been considered or today are considered the most extraordinary of places – Siberia, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, East Timor, Japan, Mexico, Ecuador, China, Zambia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Libya, Niger, Cambodia, even Great Britain, the United States, New Zealand and Australia!

People of God, take heart, no matter what your circumstances. The Kingdom of God has always been growing and growing vigorously.  It had the smallest of beginnings but it is the kingdom of God.  It had to develop enormously as people from every tongue and tribe have been pouring into the kingdom, willingly submitting to the great king and saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.  His dominion of loyal subjects has been ever only expanding.  Praise be to him.


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