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January 24, 2013

The Parable of the Tenants (part XIII)

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In conclusion

What would be an appropriate title for this extraordinary parable?  “The parable of the tenants” is how it is commonly known. Would “The parable of the wicked tenants” be a more appropriate title? What about “The parable of the noble vineyard owner” a title something akin to the one suggested by Bailey? The long suffering owner of the vineyard is one of the striking characteristics of the story. Yet judgement, severe judgement, comes to the fore as the parable concludes and in the words which Jesus utters at the end.  Would, “The parable of the vineyard owner who punishes” or “The parable of the vineyard owner whose long suffering has a limit” be more suitable? Traditionally we assign titles to the parables that are fairly simple and the titles themselves do not say much if anything about the underlying significance of the parable. A title such as “The parable of the vineyard owner and his tenants” would conform to this tradition.

Whatever we decide about its title, it is a terribly violent parable, a portrayal of God’s purposes with the focus on God, his people, his prophets and his Son and the wickedness of those who rejected his son and God’s response to their wickedness. And then upon the conclusion to the parable, for those who have ears to hear, Jesus makes it ever so clear that he is the Son. And he will be killed by wicked and lawless men.  And he will be vindicated.  And he will be judged.  Many in Israel and beyond Israel will fall because of him and many will rise because of him.

In our day and age, in the light of this parable, let all who claim to lead his people at any time reflect seriously on how they do lead them! How weighty is the judgement of God upon those who lead his people astray!  But let all, who read this parable and the comments that Jesus made, whatever their relationship with God’s people, take care how they respond to this Jesus. Jesus is the Son of the Great King.  Nothing can be thought, said or done concerning this son of God that escapes the notice of that Great King. And he has made him Lord!


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  1. “The Parable of the Tenants (part XIII) Barry Newman’s Blog” was indeed a superb post, cannot help but wait to look over much more of your blog posts. Time to waste a lot of time on the internet hehe. Many thanks ,Lon

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