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December 10, 2009

The Soul (part IV)

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At this point it is important to reflect on what “loving God with all your soul” would seem to mean. It is a thoroughly comprehensive all embracing demand.  To love God with all one’s soul is to love him with every aspect of one’s being, one’s person, one’s life.  It knows of no part of being a person, of being alive ,of simply being, that can be considered as exempt from consideration with respect to the command to love God.  There is no notion in this command of there being an entity within one’s being that has to so love.  There is no sense of there being an inner person or an inner identity that has to so love.  There is a simple command wholly to love God with all of one’s being.

There is no room allowed whatsoever for self aggrandisement, the independent spirit and the self-seeking life.  This commandment is all about God as the supreme focus in the plans we have for our lives and the way we live them.

And there is no point in protesting that to love God in this way is an impossibility.   God knows of no half measures when it comes to what our relationship with him should be.  We can only thank God for the Lord Jesus who did so love his Father and who died for sinners who fail to love him as we should.


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